COVID-19 coronavirus in Florida Real Estate

The first thing to consider when buying a house in Florida right now is are there even any closing happening? Aren't we under a lockdown? Yes we are under a lockdown, but home closings and title services are considered an essential work.

Yes, real estate closing transactions are under these new and unusual circumstances. However, please be aware that some things may take longer than normal. In some cases an additional 2 weeks for mortgage approvals, and in other cases inspections, surveys, etc. are taking longer to schedule. As of January 1st, 2020 the state of Florida recognizes Remote Online Notary Public protocol. The state of Florida has even created a coronavirus contract addendum to be used for this very purpose. Just like real estate brokerages, title companies are also considered essential services in Florida. Most title company offices are open for the purpose of closing our real estate transactions and are handling their closings remotely and electronically. Most all real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers and closing agents are available through all means necessary to communicate with you and get your transaction successfully closed.

Because of coronavirus these delays in Florida Real Estate can spread throughout the parts of the real estate closing process. Whatever you can do to streamline underwriting for your mortgage loan will be helpful; make sure you have all your documentation together and are careful not to open any new lines of credit while you’re trying to buy. It may be more difficult to secure a mortgage loan right now due to economic confusion, and that might mean additional stress for you to prove that you have the funds and the financial ability to buy. Be prepared to take those steps so the sale isn’t delayed more than necessary. Be patient and flexible with your agent and with sellers, who may have to follow certain guidelines, such as only allowing one buyer inside a house at a time (in which case your spouse may have to wait in the car). Talk to your agent about whether and how to have the home deep-cleaned before you move in if you are concerned about COVID-19 infection. And understand that appraisal and inspection delays will likely lead to a longer closing timeline than you had hoped.

„Eventually you will have your closing and life will move on”

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